Sonntag, 4. Februar 2007

Jared, Anistatia and the EUVS

Heute erhielt ich eine eMail von Jared:

"Museums should be created where the public goes rather than bringing the public to museums," Paul Ricard said when he opened Exposition Universelle des Vins et Spiritueux (EUVS). He promised that it would be “permanent, eternal, and ever-growing” like the industry it was built to represent. Situated on Île de Bendor, a private island just off the coastal resort community of Bandol in southern France, this amazing museum lives up to his ideal.

Opened on 12 July 1958, EUVS is dedicated to the promotion of the global wine and spirits industry. The museum houses over 8000 bottles of wine and spirits from 48 nations —including rare wines and liquors from Asia, Africa, the Americas, Australia, and Europe—as well as a massive label collection; glassware from famed producers including Baccarat, Lalique, Nason & Moretti, Saint-Louis, Val-Saint-Lambert, and Daum.

The building itself is also remarkable. Over 40 of its wall surfaces and arches are adorned with soaring murals executed by students of École Supérieure de Beaux Arts in nearby Marseille.

In honor of Paul Ricard’s monumental achievement and in memory of his pioneering spirit, EUVS will experience a revival culminating in a 50th anniversary celebration in 2008.

Conservation of the existing collection; building renovation; repurposing and expansion of its exhibits; publication of a comprehensive catalogue; and establishment of an online and analog library of wine, spirits, and cocktail knowledge are just a few of the projects scheduled for completion over the next 19 months.

As the research arm of the Bendor-based International Bar Business School, EUVS will offer the wine, spirits, and hospitality communities a rich source of historical knowledge and artifacts—a key element to the future of an industry that is experiencing record growth.

For the public, EUVS will provide a rare glimpse into the varied and compelling history of an industry that has influenced civilisation for over 9000 years.

Under the direction/curation of cocktail and spirits historians Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller, a team of experts from various disciplines will be formed to accomplish this mission. Eric Fossard of the International Bar Business School, Robert "Drinkboy" Hess, Ted "Doc Cocktail" Haigh, and the Worldwide Cocktail Club's Henry Besant and Dre Masso have already committed to the effort. Museum studies, conservation, and archaeology students from European universities will also be called upon to intern during the summer.

Visit the EUVS site (www.EUVS.ORG) to watch this historic project unfold in blogs, photos, and podcasts.

Wenn man sich die Fotogalerie auf dem neuen EUVS blog anschaut, könnte man glatt neidisch werden.
Man wird bespannt sein, was diese Beiden uns in der nächsten Zeit bescheeren werden.

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