Freitag, 28. März 2008

The Winner!

Wie ich soeben erfuhr gewann Roman Milostivy aus dem Moskauer Ritz Hotel beim Finale der BOLS around the World Competition letzte Nacht in Amsterdam.

David Wiedemann führte vor einer Weile bei seinem Besuch in Moskau ein kleines Gespräch mit Roman.

Here for you an Interview from one of my favourite Bartenders of Moscow in Russia. His Name is Roman Milostivy and he is the Headbartender in the o2 Lounge at the Ritz Carlton in the near of the Kreml in Moscow City.


1. When did you startet whys Bartending?

I started working in a bar don't taking it seriously as many of us when I was a student at the age of 19. Before I had worked a little bit as a server in a hotel restaurant and I thought that I couldn't start in the bar without any theory and training course. That's how I made my first step in the profession - I took IBA elementary course after which I felt like I know a lot. :) But with experience and getting acquainted with some famous and respected bartenders I realized how much I should learn and absorb and now the more I know the more I feel that I should learn and learn.

2.At with Bars have you worked in Moscow?

After a couple years of working in Chelyabinsk, my home town, I felt like I need some bigger field and that's how I moved to Moscow. Fortunately it was not a problem for me to get a job in Moscow and from the very beginning I joined a very good bartenders team at the Bar 30/7. After a year I again decided to move on and accepted the offer to open a new Bar 1171 as a bar manager, I didn't work there for long but it was a big experience for me. Than I took part in the opening of GQ Bar as a chief bartender making cocktail list and trainings for the staff. Soon after I changed my job again joining the new Ritz-Carlton hotel as a head bartender of O2 Lounge, bar on the roof top of the building with a summer terrace looking over the Red Square and Kremlin. So this is where I' m working by now but who knows what can happen tomorrow!

3. What is in the moment the Bar Hot Spot in Moscow?

I would say and I know that many of my colleagues share this view that right now bar scene in Moscow is quite empty. There are a couple of good bars, like GQ Bar or Simachev Bar, but on the whole people go to those places not because of good drinks and personal service but because these are places "you want to be in", it's about music, interior, fashion, which still is a part of a good bar actually. You would find those bars packed and rocking only on fridays and saturdays and Moscow is more about clubbing than going to the bars.

4. How is the Bartending Szene developing in Moscow and what are the Trends?

The best what is happening on Moscow bar scene now comes from London. It's now becoming trendy to invite bar consultants from UK to open new places, make master classes and trainings.
The trends are using fresh herbs, berries and fruits, homemade syrups and infusions.

5. What is youre favourite Drink?

Frankly speaking I can't say that I have some special favourite drink, but I really like good old-days concoctions like Sazeracs and Martinezes, Ramos Gin Fizz of course!!! When I'm partying out and drinking glasses one after another than Cape Codder becomes my choice :)

Thank you Roman for the Interview. We hope to see you at the Mixology in Berlin this Year in September.

Schade für Ted Makuse!

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