Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2007

Tales of the Cocktail - THe Winners are...

Mixologist/Bartender of the Year
Criteria: The absolute best drinks mixer. The winner should be proficient at making all recognized classic drinks and also have created contemporary cocktails which have been copied by his/her peers.
• (winner) Audrey Saunders, Pegu Club, New York NY
Other finalists:
• Duggan McDonnel, Cantina, San Francisco CA
• Murray Stenson, Zig Zag Café, Seattle WA

World’s Best Cocktail Bar
Criteria: This award recognizes the international influence on cocktail trends and seeks to award the world’s best cocktail bar. (US bars are not excluded.)
• (winner) Pegu Club, New York, NY
Other finalists:
• Hawksmoor, London UK
• Lonsdale, London England

Best New Cocktail Bar
Criteria: Only bars which have opened in the 12 months preceding the awards may be nominated. This award aims to reward new creativity and ideas as well as well executed drinks.
• (winner) Bourbon & Branch, San Francisco CA
Other finalists:
• Cantina, San Francisco CA
• Vessel, Seattle WA

Best Classic Cocktail Bar
Criteria: Classic bars continue to uphold best bartending practices and serve drinks in relaxed lounge-like environments. The judges are looking for bars which uphold this tradition (but are not necessarily old) and offer superb service and consistently well made drinks. (Hotel bars are eligible)
• (winner) Zig Zag Café, Seattle WA
Other finalists:
• Flatiron Lounge, New York, NY
• Pegu Club, New York NY

Best Drinks Selection
Criteria: A venue stocking an outstanding range of spirits and liqueurs. The judges will favor discernment as well as sheer numbers of bottles stocked.
• (winner) Zig Zag Café, Seattle WA
Other finalists:
• Brandy Library, New York NY
• Pegu Club, New York NY

Best New Cocktail/Bartending Book
Criteria: The best book published in 2006 regarding cocktails, liquor, bars, bar design or bartending in general. New editions of existing works published in 2006 may also be nominated.
• (winner) “Art of the Bar: Cocktails Inspired by the Classics”, by Jeff Hollinger and Rob Schwartz
Other finalists:
• “Drinkology EATS” by James Waller
• “Hip Sips: Modern Cocktails to Raise Your Spirits” by Lucy Brennan

Best New Product
Criteria: This is awarded to what the judges consider to be the best new cocktail ingredient (spirit, liqueur, syrup or juice) or piece of cocktail equipment (muddler, shaker etc.). To qualify products must be on general retail sale in at least three US states.
• (winner) St-Germain Elderflower Liqueur
Other finalists:
• 209 Gin
• Regan’s Orange Bitters #6

Best Cocktail Menu
Criteria: The judges seek to reward innovative and thirst inducing cocktail menus. Both the design and content will be considered.
• (winner) Papparazzi
Other finalists:
• Restaurant Eugene
• Zig Zag Café

Best Drinks Brand Representative/Brand Ambassador
Criteria: An award which recognizes the importance of personality in the promotion of drinks brands.
• (winner) Simon Ford, Plymouth Gin
Other finalists:
• Charlotte Voisey, Hendrick’s Gin
• H. Joseph Ehrlman, Square One Organic Vodka

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