Samstag, 7. Juli 2007

Drink-Blog-Talk 2007

Zwischen dem 22.9.und dem 29.9.2007 wird es ein erstes globales Online Treffen der Blogger geben, die sich mit Bar, Cocktails und alles was damit zusammenhängt beschäftigen.
Auch der Bitters Blog wird sich diesem Pionierprojekt nicht versagen und aktiv an den Diskussionen teilnehmen. Die Aktion geht von Chris Bunting, Kevin Erskine und Jeffrey Morgenthaler aus. Jeder der einen Blog mit Bezug auf Bar schreibt kann diesem Event selbstverständlich beiwohnen-mehr dazu im Schreiben der Herren, dass uns kürzlich erreichte.

" invite you to the *first online conference of drink bloggers: Drink. Blog. Talk 2007*. It will be held between September 22 and 29, 2007 and anybody who blogs about alcoholic drink is invited to take part.

*Kevin Erskine (of* and *Jeffrey Morgenthaler (of* and I (*Chris Bunting,*) have been talking among ourselves about the idea of getting as many drink bloggers together to discuss their experiences and perhaps hatch a few creative projects. Our discussion originally came out of a comment thread on Kevin`s blog in which the idea of co-operation was raised.

There are beer bloggers, wine bloggers, whisky bloggers, sake bloggers, cocktail bloggers, all shapes and sizes of bloggers. Some people are doing it as a professional project, others just for the love of their drink. There are hundreds of us with all kinds of approaches to what we are doing and I feel it is this diversity that will make our discussions more rewarding. It is not practical to have a real world conference because we are spread all over that world but between September 22 and 29 we can get together online. It won`t be a structured conference in the traditional sense. There won`t be an agenda. Anybody will be able to set up a discussion on whatever they feel appropriate (within reason!). It will just a week of chatter on whatever people want to cover. The reason for time limiting this talk is to try and make it an event in which the discussion can be more intense and perhaps creative.

I should say this will be a non-commericial event. I think there are Google context ads on the sidebar of the discussion forums but they are placed by the hosting company for the free use of their service. We are just a group of drink bloggers who think this is a good idea.

So what do you have to do to take part?

1. *Look out in your inbox for an invite from* The sign up is very simple and non-intrusive. Then wait until the talk begins in September

2. We will need a few topics to kick off the talk with, so if anybody has any bright ideas put it on the pre-conference chatter thread that is up there.

3. As I say, there are hundreds of drink bloggers out there. I have tried my best to contact as many of you as possible but I am sure I have only contact a small fraction of the total. So, if you want to tell your own contacts or blog about this, please do. *Anybody who wants an invite
but doesn`t have one should go to and fill in the "ask for invite" box. All they will need to tell me is the URL of their blog.*

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