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50 Signs You Are a Bad Bartender

via Jeffrey Morgenthaler

The Art of the Drink von Darcy O'Neil hat vor einigen Tagen einen Post mit dem Title

"50 Signs you are a Bad Bartender" veröffentlicht. Die Kommentare sind ebenfalls lesenswert.

Jeffreys Liebling : 48. The solution to every problem is: just add bitters

Kann mich nur anschließen, meine Top 5:

2. To make a great drink requires the use of 151 proof rum.
30. You spend more time talking to the servers than the guests at the bar.
49. You develop a “god complex” just because you are a bartender
50. You think you are an elite bartender and ignore guests request because you think you know better than they do.
12. You think sour mix is a direct substitute for real lemon or lime juice.

In Bezug auf diesen Post gibt es laut Jerrey noch einen Egullet thread, You Might Be a Cocktail Geek If… Die Antworten in diesem thread sind ware Bar Poesie :

...you carry around a little bottle of bitters.
...you're aghast that the bar you're in doesn't have a single jigger.
.. you won't set foot in a bar with fewer than 12 different types of cocktail glasses.
... you bring your own olives because pimiento stuffed olives are so passe'.
... you have a preference for flame or unflamed orange peel
... blend 2 or more vermouths of the same variety in one drink

... have asked a bartending to pass you the shaker so you can shake it your self after watching him/her give your drink only 2 shakes
... have hung your head in shame after your friend/date orders a grey goose and soda at Pegu
... started your own import business because what's currently available in your country doesn't meet your standards
... cross state/national borders for the sole purpose of obtaining liquor
... give your traveling friends detailed descriptions, pictures, and directions to specific liquor stores abroad when they ask if you want any souvenirs
... have walked out of a bar because they didn't have any bitters
... have been asked by other bar patrons if you work there after giving a long, unasked for, history lesson on the origins of the cocktail they're drinking

Mein aboluter Favorit von Donbert:

... start raising hens because the eggs at the market arent fresh enough for your drinks

Die Idee hatte Darcey von einem Post Serie mit dem Namen 50 Signs: 50 Signs Your Waiter Might be an Asshole. Derzeit gibt es 245 ! Kommentare und 50 Signs You Might be An Asshole Customer mit über 460 Kommentaren! Alles auf waiterrant.net

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Höhö, finde ja gerade Punkt 16.: "16. Waiter is a semi-famous anonymous blogger who thinks he’s the shit. Wait a minute….." und Punkt 45: "45. When asked, “What’s good here?” the waiter replies, “Everything sucks.”" köstlich, erstes paßt super in diesen Blog und zweiteres wäre in manch einer "Was habtn Ihr an Rum?" - "Nur Old Pascas!"-Bar wenigstens ehrlich... ;oD