Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2008

Neuer Bartender Blog: strain and serve von Gabe Toldi - Berlin

Er ist Bartender in der Bar Fabisch, Berlin

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Ein neuer Blog, ein neuer Name, ein neues Gesicht.

Ich kam nicht umhin Gabe einige Fragen zu stellen:

"Garbe, How did I get into Bartending?"

I started out in 2003 in a bar near Birmingham, England. There, I was lucky enough to be trained by Darren Frost, who was being employed as a consultant at the time. After a year of working in Safe, I decided to travel to Spain and Italy, working and learning, before going back to England. It was then that I landed the Bar Manager's job in "Brown's Bar" of Brighton, England, which was previously managed by none other than Angus Winchester, who, it's fair to say is an idol of mine! Whilst working in Browns, I managed to create a Cocktail (The Berry Jerry Mojito) which is now printed on their menu all over the UK and I am told, is due to be added to the Sauce Guide at some point! After Browns I moved to Hamburg with my girlfriend, who is also a Bartender, and decided to tap into the German scene and find out what makes it so world renowned.

"Where do you work now?"
I am now involved in the opening of Bar Fabisch, Berlin. It's situated on the ground floor of the brand new Circus Hotel, which is due to open at the end of October 2008. The menu is varied, predominantly classic, but with hint of a modern twist here and there. Its being printed at the moment but a good example of the style would be our "Pre-War" Sazerac, made in the most traditional way with a good splash of Hennesy "Fine de Cognac."

"Where do you see yourself in five or ten years from now?"

I cant really say, I plan on learning a few more things in the next few years, expanding my knowledge of the German drinks scene. Ideally, I would have my own bar, but wouldn't we all?! I'm just happy to keep on learning and see where life takes me, but I do plan on being a bartender for a while yet!

"What is the inspiration behind the Strain and Serve Blog?"

The blog is essentially based on what I think people need to know, its still very fresh but Im working to make sure it stays up to date. I like to write about my experiences and share my views with other people. Im a Bartender, so its a big part of my job to find things out and tell stories about them. Although we (Bartenders) can all talk for hours about well Tanqueray goes with green apples and mint (if you have ever had the pleasure of a Victorian Mojito then you will know!) I find it much more interesting to talk about the basics, the things we forget that we learned, like you NEVER use lemon juice in a Classic Daiquiri!!! Either way, I hope everybody is enjoying it and any suggestions are more than welcome!

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